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Realign Back Wheel: Trigger Point, Yoga Wheel, Foam Roller, Deep Tissue, Back Massager, for Mobility and Back Pain Relief

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RELIEVES BACK AND NECK PAIN - The Back Wheel provides relief caused by poor habits such as staring at the computer, cell phone, and sitting for prolonged periods of time.
AIDS IN POSTURE CORRECTION - Consistently using the Back Wheel strengthens core muscles, opens your chest, and increases joint flexibility allowing you to stand up straighter with ease.
INCREASES CIRCULATION AND BLOOD FLOW - The Back Wheel activates muscles in your back, abdomen and thoracic cavity, simultaneously providing blood flow to those muscle groups and increasing circulation.
ENHANCES MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY - This product provides a deep thoracic stretch, improving spinal mobility as well as allowing you to stretch other muscle groups, such as the shoulders, abdomen, and neck.
UNIQUE DESIGN - Unlike other back rollers and yoga wheels, The Back Wheel Uses trigger point technology to break up tight muscle fibers in hard to reach back muscles. It also offers a spinal groove that protects your spine by redistributing pressure to your muscles, where it belongs.

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