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Sit Up Bar Assembled/Romovable Home Gym Exercise Equipment Multifunction Strengthen Training Abdominal Wheel with Knee Pad, Tension Band

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MORE THAN 6 FITNESS MODES: Use the abdominal wheel to achieve different fitness purposes. Including but not limited to rope pulling, push up, hip motion, abdominal exercise, yoga, abdominal stretch. Through this device, you can continuously strengthen the strength and flexibility of different positions of the whole body.
BOTTOM TRAY With STRONG SUCTION FORCE: This abdominal wheel is suitable for most floors (not for blankets). Simply pull the handle down and the suction cup will automatically attract to the surface.
ASSEMBLED/REMOVABLE: Hold the sucker with both hands and align it, press down the handles on both sides and the installation of the abdominal wheel is completed. When you need to disassemble them, just press the handles up.
EQUIPPED With A HIGH-QUALITY ROLLER: After installing the abdominal wheel, hold foam on both sides with and gently push the abdominal wheel. Effectively exercise the muscles of the hands, abdomen and back. Helps you build a healthier and more stylish body.

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