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Super Kegel Exerciser; Pelgrip Pelvis Floor Muscle/Inner Thigh Exerciser; Beautiful Buttocks Exercise Hip Trainer Equipment for Women; Postpartum Rehabilitation Bladder Control Device

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Multiple Health Benefits: Improves circulation for those with sedentary lifestyles; accelerates postpartum rehabilitation, Relieves incontinence and pelvic pain; strengthens pelvic floor muscles.
Improve your waistline; tighten your hips; tone your upper legs; One device for use as: hip trainer; inner thigh trainer; kegel exericiser; lower abdominal trainer and booty lifting muscle toner
Convenient and Easy to Use: Young and old; Size and durability make it ideal as portable exercise equipment for home; office; or travel; Use While doing yoga, pilates, other workout routines.
Quality Design and Materials: Design includes a thick plate of elastic carbon steel providing structure and resistance surrounded by soft PVC rubber to grip and protect legs; resistance is adjustable

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