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Yoga Ball 50cm Donut Thicken Explosion-Proof

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Yoga Ball 50cm Donut Thicken Explosion-Proof Apple Ball Yoga Hemisphere Fitness Ball Inflatable Balance Yoga Ball

Diameter: 50 cm Material: PVC;
The impact resistance is made of strong and durable materials. In the production process, we put your safety first. Rated up to 2,000 pounds
$Commercial-grade non-slip materials provide an excellent non-slip experience while protecting your safety Fitness balls that are easy to clean can only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Most importantly, our fitness balls do not contain phthalates, nor do they contain any heavy metal elements
All-in-one home fitness equipment with multiple functions: use our fitness balls for various active exercises, such as yoga, Pilates or, to build muscles, increase aerobic endurance, strengthen strength and control weight. Can perform various activities, such as correcting posture
When pierced by a sharp object, it will not pop out like a balloon, which is what happens with lower-level Swiss balls. Instead, it can slowly deflate and protect you from injury during strenuous exercise or use as an office chair.

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