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Ab Roller Provide Resistance and Assistance, Ab Wheel Workout for Beginner and Advanced Bodybuilder,Ab Machine with Spring Steel, Fitness Wheels with Knee Pad

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SMART DISPLAY: A smart chip is used to record workout data such as time, count and calories in real time.
PATENT SPRING STEEL SHEET SYSTEM: Ab wheel uses coiled alloy spring steel plate with high elasticity, which provides smooth resistance during rolling and stable assistance during rolling back. Quieter, more stable and wear-resistant than ordinary springs, with longer service life.
EXTRA WIDE WHEELS & NON-SLIP HANDLES: The ab wheels include ergonomically comfortable non-slip handles and widened rollers to ensure a safe and comfortable workout experience. Compared with other large-scale exercise mechanical equipment, it is easy to disassemble and assemble, light and portable, and easy to carry and transport. This abdominal workout equipment is the ideal and perfect training equipment for your home, gym, office or outdoors.
CORE TRAINING: The special incline design allows the ab wheel to roll to different angles to strengthen and tone your entire core muscles, including upper abs, lower abs, obliques and back muscles. The automatic rebound distance of up to 71 inches is suitable for both beginners and professional trainers. Also suitable for most men and women.

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